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Emergency Lockout Service

Click!!! – The door swings shut and all of a sudden you realise that your keys are still inside your house or office.
Clunk!!! – The boot lid drops and your keys are locked inside.

These are familiar scenarios but they are no laughing matters when it’s cold, dark and raining, or you urgently need to get in, or you really need to be somewhere else.
If this happens to you an emergency locksmith from Endeavour Locksmiths, a lockout service expert, will come to you without delay and help. Our locksmiths specialize in ‘no-damage opening’ of your car, home or office door. They have the tools and expertise to ‘let you in’ quickly and efficiently.

If you have lost your keys and are locked out our lockout service locksmith can let you in and cut new keys for you. If you are worried about someone being able to use your lost keys, our locksmith can re-key or change your locks and make new keys for you – that way you can be sure that the old keys will not allow entry to your property.

This emergency lockout service is available by calling Endeavour Locksmiths on 9796 5651.

Our locksmith will require some evidence that you have a ‘right-to-enter’ the premises or vehicle.

Locked Out of the Car – Keys Locked in the Car

Being locked out of the car is one of the most frustrating that can happen to a driver AND you can be sure that you will be locked out of the car at the most inconvenient time – at night, when it’s cold or raining, or when you have that important appointment to get to.  Melbourne drivers who are locked out of the car can rely on Endeavour Locksmiths to get them moving again fast.  If you are locked out of your car our mobile, emergency locksmith will come to you in a well-equipped workshop van complete with the latest equipment and know-how to open your car.  Our mobile locksmiths can competently and quickly open your car without damage. Call Endeavour Locksmiths, the automotive locksmith you can trust, if you are locked out of the car, if the keys are locked in the car or if the keys are locked in the boot.

Apart from opening a locked car, Endeavour Locksmiths, can also help if your car key will not turn in the ignition or if the key has broken off in the door lock or if the key is broken off in the ignition   Endeavour has emergency locksmiths on-call to deal with all these emergencies on-site. Endeavour Locksmiths is the lockout service locksmith you can trust.

Locked Out of the House – Lost the Keys to the House

We have all done it – closed the front door only to realise that the house keys are locked inside the house. If you are locked out of the house, call Endeavour Locksmiths and one of our mobile emergency locksmiths will come to you and open the door to your house. If you are locked out of the house and want Endeavour Locksmiths to let you in you must supply the attending emergency locksmith with evidence that you have legal right-of-entry to the property.
If you have lost the house keys and are locked out of the house, Endeavour locksmiths can open the door and make you a set of new keys for that door. Now that is real convenience – you are back inside and your lock and key problems are solved into the bargain. Endeavour Locksmiths is your reliable lockout service locksmith.
Apart from general locksmith services, Endeavour Locksmiths can also provide electronic security services for home and business owners. Call Endeavour Locksmiths for information or a quote on the electronic security services we provide including the supply and installation of:

  • Electronic access control
  • Security alarm systems
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Digital recorders for security camera systems
  • Video door cameras with access control

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