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Alarm Monitoring System

24hour-small-imgAt Endeavour Locksmiths, your safety is our priority. Our security specialists install the most advanced and effective alarm systems for homes and businesses across Melbourne. To ensure you are protected at all ours, we can connect your alarm system to a reliable and trusted 24-hour alarm monitoring station.

Home Alarm Monitoring

alarm-MonitoringStation-largeHome alarm monitoring not only protects you and your home around the clock but offers you peace of mind. Alarm monitoring for businesses is essential, but homeowners can afford to weigh up whether 24-hour a day home alarm monitoring is justified. It’s key to consider the many factors that contribute to this decision: additional costs, how often your house is vacant, the crime profile in your local area, the value your material things, and patrol response time when your house is vacant.

alarm-monitoring-station2Alarm Monitoring for Businesses

At Endeavour Locksmiths, we understand that protecting your business is essential. With our 24-hour alarm monitoring, the premises is protected all hours of the day and night.

Most businesses face the most significant security threats when the premise is vacant, no matter the time. 24-hour alarm monitoring ensures that action is taken right away if an alarm sets off at the property.

Dealing with False Alarms

Sometimes, a strong gust of wind or a spider crawling over a motion sensor can cause alarms to set off.

In the event of a false alarm, the security alarm’s built-in communication monitor will call the alarm monitoring station. An officer on duty will assess the information that was automatically sent from the alarm system and determine two key factors: where in the property the alarm occurred, and whether the signal is accurate and genuine. Multiple alarms are a sure sign that unauthorised access into a building or your home has occurred, whereas a single alarm may be false.

Depending on the written instructions you have provided to the station, an officer may be authorised to log and otherwise ignore single hits that are potentially false alarms. On the written instructions you provide, you may advise the station to call you when this occurs for optimal safety. In the event of a likely break-in, an officer on duty will contact people on your advice list until they make contact and get instructions about a patrol response. If the patrol officer is unable to make contact, a patrol unit will be sent as quickly as possible, which will automatically charge you approximately $75.00. By keeping your contact list and instructions up to date, you can avoid the cost of a patrol unit response.

To get started with Endeavour Locksmiths advanced and effective alarm monitoring systems, give us a call on 03 9796 5651.

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