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Having robust, well-installed safes and/or specially designed security containers provides home owners and business operators with an important level of protection and peace of mind. There are many reasons for having safes:

1. Protection from theft

In most home and small business break-ins, the opportunist thief takes things that they can easily grab. A well-installed safe is generally too much of a challenge, and most thieves will by-pass it, leaving the items contained in it secure and untouched.

2. Protection of important personal or business documents

In these days of fraud and identity theft, it is important to keep of our personal documents secure. For business owners, security of their business records needs to be a priority – loss of these records can seriously damage a business

3. Protection of irreplaceable items

Everyone has something sentimental that no amount of money could ever replace – it makes sense to give such things the level of protection that a safe offers.

4. Protection of digital data and media

Whether they’re family photographs or critical business records stored on computer disks or drives, their loss through theft or a system malfunction can be devastating. Keeping a back-up copy safely locked away protects against the original data being lost.

5. Protection from fire and water damage

A fireproof safe will keep everything inside well protected against fire (and water) damage. You may lose everything else in a fire but the irreplaceable and important things in your safe will be secure.

6. Security of dangerous materials of weapons

Specially designed security cabinets and containers are available to enable home and business owners meet their legal obligations to properly secure firearms and dangerous substances

Safes: Choosing a Quality Safe or Security Container

Tip #1: To achieve robust protection and security a quality safe should be selected – the cheap safes widely available in hardware and discount stores should be avoided. There are numerous reports of these types of cheap safes being opened with ‘bounce techniques’ or simply being prised open

Tip #2: Businesses and anyone wanting to secure large amounts of cash or valuables should check the “insurance risk rating” of the safe being offered.

Tip #3: Use only a top quality battery (e.g. Duracell Alkaline) when replacing batteries in your office or home safe. Incorrect batteries in digital safes cause the majority of problems that our safe technicians have to deal with.

Tip #4: Be aware that moisture can build up in fireproof safes. Open the safe for 20 minutes every few weeks or use a dessicant to prevent mould and use air-tight containers to protect special papers, photographs, or other objects

A good quality safe should incorporate:

  • A heavy duty steel door of around 10mm thickness and an effective heat barrier if it is fire rated;
  • Two-way bolt work, ideally with an automatic re-locking mechanism which will operate if the combination lock is attacked;
  • Mechanical or electronic combination lock;
  • Optional key lock for temporary security during office hours;
  • A bolt down facility accessible only from inside.

Fire resistant cabinets and filing cabinets with optional magnetic media protection containers are available in a range of sizes to protect essential business records and files.

Special security containers are available to safely and legally store rifles and handguns.

Endeavour Locksmiths can supply, install, service, and repair safes of all types, size and complexity. If you cannot open a safe due to a forgotten combination code, lost keys, electronic lock failure or combination lock failure we offer an emergency lockout service and will open the safe quickly and efficiently. We can reset safe combinations and change the keys if you think that the security has been compromised. Standard and fire safes for homes, small businesses, and commercial premises are our speciality.

Contact Endeavour Locksmiths to discuss any locksmith service or security need, to obtain a free quote, to arrange a security survey of your premises, or to order work to be done.

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