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Intercoms & Video-phone Intercoms

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Intercoms provide home owners and business people with a high level of convenience and an extra measure of personal and property security. You can identify a visitor before opening the door.

While the peep-hole in the front door has served us well for many years, when the modern household wants to know who is at the front door or gate, they pick up any phone in the house. If a video-phone intercom has been installed, they can even see who is there using a video-phone station, dedicated video monitor, or by changing channels on the TV. This is very convenient, especially if the gate is some distance from the house.

For the business owner, the convenience of an audio or video intercom is matched by real savings in time and money. When someone arrives at the back door, or at the delivery dock or at the access control gate you could leave off from what you are doing, walk to the delivery dock, see who is there and open the door or you could simply pick up the phone. It really is that simple.

In both domestic and business situations the convenience is doubled by the optional installation of electronic door or gate release mechanisms. These can be activated from the phone handset or the intercom unit to allow visitor access.

Modern intercom and video-phone intercom systems incorporate a wide range of standard and optional features:

  • Multiple video and/or audio door stations;
  • Multiple video and/or audio control stations;
  • Integration with the phone system;
  • Black and white or colour operation;
  • A variety of lenses to cope with almost any situation;
  • Long distance (300m) wiring units;
  • Operation of electronic door and gate release mechanisms;
  • Tilt control of the video camera;
  • Picture memory unit to save images of individuals who have requested access.

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